‘The Silent Observers of the World’:
Opening Night 17 September at Deus Ex Machina Canggu, Bali!

Fascinated by the idea that these posters are the eyes of the streets; non-judgemental observers of the planet. A reflection of society and an inexplicable connection to our inner being.

As one poster replaces another, each pole or wall becomes a custodian of the soul of Bali and a compass to a movement toward creating a better world.

“It’s within this time-capsule existence,” Irene said “that a window is created for us to observe humanity and nature passing by in front of our eyes daily.”

“These posters are more than words and pictures. They are a mirror to a reality, a hope, or an aspiration in a moment in time. A reminder of the freedom of reinvention, an openness to different perspectives, an opportunity to re-balance our planet. An alignment of what we give and what we take away, and a world where diversity and inclusivity is status quo.”

Irene uses her art to mirror this world, awakening people, challenging them to understand who they really are, achieving human balance, and restoring the natural order of things on Planet Earth.

For this project, Irene is collaborating with Bye Bye Plastic Bags, a Bali initiative where the young generation are committed to a world free from plastic bags. They are the change makers who were inspired to act and have proven that that anyone can make a difference by making small changes.

A percentage of the sales will be donated to support Bye Bye Plastic Bags in the journey to restore the balance of the Island of Gods.

Irene’s work has attracted the attention of nature warriors and art lovers globally, the most significant being Leonardo DiCaprio.