Nominated by Rise Art

December 13, 2017
Irene Hoff

The results are in and my work has been Highly Commended by Rise Art Prize regional judges! The regional judging panels have  reviewed almost 16,000 artists and shortlisted a mere 1% of these and, I am  one of them, how exciting is that! My work is in the running for the Category Awards, announced in the new year. Fingers crossed!

Video – working in the studio

December 11, 2017
Irene Hoff

Showing how it is done in the Irene Hoff art studio in Bali. Working on a Dragon Fly! Crazy about small little details incorporated, often not directly spotted, this keeps the art interesting! Enjoy!

Meet the Spring Spa ladies

December 8, 2017
Irene Hoff

These paintings, 3 ladies (out of 4), have been specially produced by Irene for Ina Bajaj, the owner of the Spring Spa’s.  Ina has been a long time loyal fan and owns a piece of Irene her art in each of her properties.

Let us introduce them to you:

Wanjiru – Summer – a Kenyan princess warrior representing the strength that women in modern Kenya command

Ilu – Autumn – our Balinese goddess who has conflict of strength, submission and duty surrounding her life

Sakura – Spring – with her Japanese porcelain skin and perfect features, Sakura reflects the crispness and beauty of this season (not seen on this photo)

Alexia – Winter – our big city girl carries and aura of confidence, independence and aloofness

All of them are mixed media on canvas and they are sold as a limited edition of the original painting, (4 exclusive pieces per lady). Next to that they also come as digital prints in a smaller size 40×50 cm, signed by the artist. Contact Art Irene Hoff team for more information.


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