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Art Irene Hoff

For Art Irene Hoff, the world is out of balance, evident in the human and environmental challenges we currently face. The purpose of their powerful art is to encourage and support humanity in reclaiming their sovereignty, overcoming limiting beliefs, and discovering their personal talents. In pursuit of this mission, Art Irene Hoff has recently begun collaborating with Soulboosters to make a more significant impact, blending art with words to guide people towards a more passionate and carefree life.



Art Irene Hoff is internationally recognized for its colorful mixed media art collage style. One of the favorite muses is female figures, where faces are partly hidden behind a patchwork of hand-torn paper and paint. To Art Irene Hoff, this symbolizes how limited our view of ourselves and our lives is, while also showing the potential of becoming aware and free, by going within. Through facing our limiting beliefs and shifting them to align with what we want to achieve, can life begin to flow more naturally, guide us, and support us in embracing our immense universal potential.




Another of Art Irene Hoff’s favored inspiration are animals, often portraited in settings that defy all logic. Each one of us is a magical being and encourages us to reactivate some of the skills we had as children but seemed to have lost along the way of growing up; to daydream, to question, to fantasize, to play, to explore, and to believe that you can be anything you want, anything!

Magical connections


Next to Art Irene Hoff’s original art pieces on canvas, there are also limited-edition paper prints available. They are beautiful reproductions of the original canvas, embellished and handcrafted with layers of paint and patterns, which makes each one of them a unique piece. All prints are signed and numbered, and come in various sizes.

original and print


Among realized achievements, Art Irene Hoff is proud to have had one of the wildlife paintings signed by nature warrior and actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Which was subsequently donated to a project raising funds to protect Asia’s Wildlife in 2016. More recently, Irene Hoff was published in ‘100 Artists of the Future’ – A Collector’s Edition, curated by The Contemporary Art Curator Magazine in 2019-2020. With many exhibitions around the world, one of the most successful art shows, were The silent observers of the world, at Deus Ex Machina. Proud to have received several awards and was nominated in London for the ‘Rise Art Prize’,  Art Irene Hoff continues on an inspirational journey, lifting the heart of many through powerful art creation.


A Message From Art Irene Hoff

‘Art bridges our inner source of wisdom with the outer world in which we live. Our paintings are more than visual creations; they are a means of conveying energy and insights by triggering positive thoughts and allowing life’s magical flow'