Awake in Alice in Wonderland

Awake in Alice in Wonderland

Waking up as a Collective 

Looking from a higher perspective, what does it mean ‘waking up’? I am awake, now aren’t I?

That is precisely the challenge we are facing as humanity. If you are asleep you do not know you are sleeping, until you wake up, only then you realize you were sleeping. This means you can only see it retrospective.

It’s the same when telling a fish, you had an amazing walk in the woods. The fish only sees water around it, having no clue there is more to life, that life could be richer. Waking up, little by little, layer by layer, moments and steps of realization, letting go of that what is blocking your ‘view’. Having faith in what you cannot necessarily see, but know it’s there because you experience these feelings and sensations. Words that can give you goosebumps or situations that can get you in a complete state of awe. Yes, those kinds of feelings.

Waking up means seeing through the illusions of life, that there is more to it than only working hard, fighting the competition, judging others, telling people what they want to hear instead of speaking your truth, living in fear of shortage and lost.

Not being able to see beyond our little bubble, is due to the fact that we are born in a deep programmed world by society, systems, education, religion, media and last but not least by our loving parents. As a child, we have always blindly accepted it as our truth, never doubting it, again think about the fish in the water, ‘that’s all it knows’. Because of that, we have ‘forgotten’ who we truly are and we came here to do on planet earth. So, the challenging is simply ‘remembering’.

We as humans are way more powerful than we think we are. Potentially, it’s all there, all the tools we need in order to wake up and tune in to that higher frequency. We just need to open the door to ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and dare to let the magic in. Life becomes so much more fun when you open that door, really! Laughing harder, less worries, more creativity, more flow, more ‘serendipities’, deeper connections with animals and people, more selflove, and more of just being happy and in a joyful state without any special reason, just by being.

Life is too short, lets try it out and see where it will get you.


Irene x Innertotem

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