Innertotem- Inspiration Art & Quotes

Innertotem- Inspiration Art & Quotes


The minimum order quantity is 2 pieces due to the shipment costs from Bali. If you are located in Bali, please contact us to pick it up in Canggu

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You’re looking at 101 cards that can potentially change the world. It’s in your hands. Literally. You decide! You can keep them. Read them. Feel them. Hug them. They found you, and that’s most important. It wasn’t coincidental. Remember that. Be creative. As a coaster. As a bookmark. As a reminder on your mirror. On the pillow of a loved one. Leave it behind on the train. On the table in a café. In someone’s bag. As a birthday card. Get imaginative and let words and images inspire you and those around you!
Whatever you feel, you do it, love you anyway!
Your innertotem



Tridatu yarn
The yarn used to close the box is called Tridatu.
The Balinese-Hindus wear it as scared bracelets for protection. The bracelets are purified by holy water and blessed with prayers.
They are a symbol of Godly power and magic.
And endows the wears with purity and longevity, by cleaning the mind and preventing negative.


The art on the cards is created by Dutch artist Irene Hoff. The images are cut-outs of her original mixed media paintings.


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