In my circle, many people are at a standstill; some deal with intense emotions, others have twisted ankles, neck hernias, recurring stomach problems, arm problems, injuries, burnouts, and some battle depression. It’s as if injuries are resurfacing, providing an opportunity for genuine healing. Forced to sit down with it whether you like it or not. Healing involves facing it, alchemizing the energy behind the block that is holding us back, and allowing it to dissolve, clearing the path for a lighter, healthier life.

I experienced this firsthand; breaking my foot six weeks ago brought a slow healing process and a lesson to ponder — am I moving too fast? Do I need to slow down? Am I sweating the small stuff? When I consulted my insightful medium-friend on the other side of the world, the message emphasized alone time, clarity, purification, and letting old habits go, including my restlessness. The mental struggle against my immobility, the fight to ‘escape my prison,’ wanting to be anywhere else except at home, was the hardest. Facing it with open eyes, I find myself five weeks later feeling more peaceful, passionate, and more creative, allowing me to hold space for myself and others. Clearing energy blocks for oneself means clearing them for future generations too, liberating them from hindrances. A beautiful extra win to motivate us to surrender and keep going.

Reflecting on the broader perspective of why these shifts and clearings are happening, I feel we are in a world transitioning to its next phase — call it the 3D to 5D world or a realm where compassion prevails, and people no longer react from lack, fear, and separation. The label for this ‘new’ earth doesn’t matter, but what’s evident is that certain habits and ways of doing cannot accompany us. We need to leave them behind and change our way of being, evolving to new ways. Amidst this ongoing transition, it feels chaotic, all the balls are up in the air, uncertainties about what to do next, why the old ways no longer resonate, and what to replace them with?

The usual way of solving problems is hard to pinpoint because this new phase isn’t about doing; it’s about being, connecting with your higher self, and allowing changes from within. Actually, it almost feels like the choices are made FOR you, as if there is no way back anymore. Old ways do not resonate; you are evolving and, therefore, choosing uncertainty and chaos over the old ways. Trusting in time, something good will show up which will resonate more with where you are heading.

As part of this change, you might feel a reluctance to hustle, a desire to avoid pushing things, a need for more personal time, and a willingness to say no — even if it affects friendships and finances. You choose it because there is no other viable option. You choose it because it feels truer.

Many of us find ourselves in this transformational situation. Discussing it with others is crucial so that you know you’re not alone. It’s important not to want too much when in the middle of this. Avoid being rushed. Proceed one step at a time, navigating the path without foreknowledge of the position of the next stepping stone. Stay on that golden thread; it may be thin, but it will connect with other’s golden threads, gradually weaving a strong foundation upon which we can build our new world.

Trust your journey, be present with the suffering; you’re headed somewhere. Embrace it, feel it all, be grateful, as it signifies movement and change. You’ll travel lighter in the direction you need to go.

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