NEW HOFF’s Artistry

Hoff’s artistry is a unique creation process that takes place between you and Irene. She connects with you on a deeper level, and from that space, creates your very own “Peace of the Soul” canvas. The painting is executed in Irene’s signature mixed media art technique, exclusively made for you by channeling your energy. For inquiry please email us.

The process

Irene will create space for you to connect to your true self, where the magic flows, where you get be you and do you, in all your splendour. During this process, she will use energy downloads that convey colors and images which Irene will stream onto your beautiful unique masterpiece.


Your “Peace of the Soul” painting promises to radiate an energy that will inspire you to tap into your true essence and personal power, whenever needed.


The Artistry package includes
  • Session with Irene Hoff:
         An attuned personal energy session with Irene.
  • Session with Evelyn Hoff:
         A human-design session to discover your unique genetic design and how you can use it to improve the quality of your life.
  • Behind the scenes video:
        A dynamic, merrymaking video, documenting the creation process of your painting in Irene’s studio in Bali.
  • Canvas:
        Your personal “Peace of the Soul” mixed media painting.
  • Mantras:
        A set of personal illustrated mantras to support you in feeling powerful and free to manifest your life’s desires.
  • Set of cards:
        Innertotem card set of 101 inspirational art & quotes cards.
Additional information:
  1. Email us for price and planning, spots are limited.
  2. The Artistry process can be done online.
  3. We will send a questionnaire to collect general information on your idea of the painting, the interior of your house, and any other desires for colors, shape, and subject. If you feel you want this creation process to just take its course and leave it open to the artist, that is also an option. Just let us know.
  4. The painting will not involve your self-portrait.
  5. The size of the painting is the equivalent of 130×130 cm, either in a square, portrait, or landscape, depending on the subject and interior.
  6. If you like a smaller painting, please let us know.