Art Irene Hoff’s Magical Connections series is about the preservation of imagination and magic. As children, we believe in fairy tales, happy endings, wishes that come true, and becoming anything we want. Growing into adults, we often lose touch with this essential skill, replacing it with limiting thinking, holding little space for creativity and for who we truly are.

Through these magical art pieces, Art Irene Hoff wants to tickle the child’s mind inside all of us. To encourage us to think outside the box, to think bigger than our current reality so we can create one that fits with our personal wishes and talents.

Prepare to be astonished by Irene Hoff’s majestic creations of magic. Let yourself be drawn into fantasyland paintings, taking you on an advanced course in daydreaming, boosting your creativity, taking you beyond your imagination.


Leave the door open for miracles

Practice imagination


Belief in magic