Up in the air – 100×120 cm

Up in the air – 100×120 cm

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    100×120 cm

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In her new series ‘Innerscape’, Irene portrays women with colorful headpieces, depicting their inner worlds. Reposing like cocoons, they safeguard against outside disruptions. They radiate a deep, serene and calming feeling. Looking closer you discover various symbols floating about, each aspiring to connect with the viewer, whispering meaningful messages.

Each of the Innerscape paintings shows us the richness of our inner world. It reconnects us with our true self, our natural power, and our deepest desires. Their composition lights up the path of our self-discovery journey where the images bridge the worlds of the seen and the unseen, reminding us of our essence and gifts. The mixture of symbols, textures and imagery suggests meaning and insight just when we need it, guides us to tap into true self-worth and self-love.

Establishing a connection to our inner world where mental images are imperceptible by our five senses, helps us be in alignment with our divinity. Imagination is everything; it is where we preview and pre-pave life’s coming attractions. Tuning in to our essence empowers us to trust the journey.

This series came through Irene’s desire to reconnect and bring us closer to our core nature by believing in the vast potential of who we truly are. Her {he}art aims at encouraging and moving women in reclaiming their power, overcoming their limiting beliefs and discovering their talents, so they can move towards their unique purpose in life. For Irene, only then will women authentically connect and create with each other, paying it forward by inspiring others to share their gifts which will in turn impact
humanity for the better.

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