Influence of Art

At Art Irene Hoff we believe that the spaces we inhabit, where we live, work, play, eat and dream everyday not only shape the way we feel but also our health, happiness, passion and zest for life. They affect fundamental things such as our sleep, creativity, love, and our overall sense of self.
It is with this in mind that Art Irene Hoff creates each and every painting; with profound passion and care. We firmly believe that art can positively influence our state of mind.


At Art Irene Hoff you can request commissioned pieces. The creation process begins with an in-depth debriefing with the client. Based on the input an initial sketch of the painting is made. Through guidance and dialogue, it is ensured the client becomes an active part of the process. It is this strong collaboration that makes each commissioned piece a unique and personal painting – a true piece of their soul.

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