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Irene is a Dutch contemporary mixed media artist. She lives with her 2 daughters on the beautiful Island of Gods, Bali in Indonesia.

Irene craves a world where compassion, intuition, and harmony are the key elements for living.

Through her striking paintings, she aims to take people on an inner journey; to reconnect with their true nature, to believe in magic, to dream big and to be their 100% uncensored selves.

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Original art on canvas

Unique to Irene’s mixed media art on canvas is the beautiful diversity of humanistic, floral, and animal motifs, all flowing with perfect balance.

In these original works, she loves to modify her palette, allowing a thicker, more impasto style to dominate the canvas, adding hand-torn paper patterns and old street posters where she sees fit.

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The importance of “Me Time”

Yesterday evening, I went to a beautiful water temple, located in the mountains of the North of Ubud. On my way to do a traditional purification ritual. It was a pitch-black night, a ‘no-moon/new moon evening, which made it very mysterious. The residing powers in Bali felt even more intense. While driving up with my good-old-love-you-long-time-friend and Qigong Master Per van Spall, who so generously offered to guide me through the upcoming purification, I was thinking about the intentions I wanted to set for this cleansing ritual. Basically, for me that is always more or less the same; letting go of the old, and that which no longer serves me, so I am able to clear space for the new.


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Fine art prints on paper

Irene recently launched her limited-edition fine art prints on paper. They are a reproduction of the original canvas, and are embellished and handcrafted with layers of paint and patterns, which makes each of them a unique piece.

All prints are signed and numbered by the artist, and come in various sizes.

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Limited edition prints on paper



NEW Hoff’s Artistry

An exclusive creation process that takes place between you and Irene Hoff. She connects with you on a deeper level, and from that space, creates your very own “Peace of the Soul” canvas. The painting is executed in Irene’s signature mixed media art technique, specially made for you through channeling your energy.

Hoff’s Artistry comes in a carefully assembled package, consisting of personal interactions, insights, gifts, and some other surprises!

Hoff’s Artistry
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