Art Irene Hoff craves for a world where compassion, joy, and harmony are the key elements for living. The striking mixed media paintings aim to take people on an inner journey; to reconnect with their true nature, to believe in magic, to dream big and to be their 100% uncensored selves.
“Let’s dance as if everybody is watching.”
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Original art on canvas

Art Irene Hoff’s original paintings stand out for its mix of humanistic, floral, and animal designs. The pieces strike a perfect balance, featuring a vibrant palette and a thicker, textured style, adding colorful hand-torn paper patterns for an extra touch of beauty.

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SoulXray Portraits

“SoulXray” is a curated assortment of commissioned mixed media portraits, providing a glimpse into the essence of the subjects’ souls. It beckons viewers to establish a profound connection into the ‘unseen’, allowing an intimate exploration of whatever wishes to reveal itself.





Embarking on my journey of self-discovery, I’ve stumbled upon a profound realization — that, in essence, we know very little. As children, we were way closer to our original selves, more connected to the source of our existence, less influenced by the complexities of human thoughts and societal norms. The loss of this connection occurs as we are presented with ‘other’ truths from parents, schools, and society, truths that we unquestioningly accept as facts, shaping our beliefs. While not necessarily negative, these beliefs can become barriers, hindering our true selves, limiting our view on life and suppressing the unique talents we bring to this world.


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Fine art prints on paper

Art Irene Hoff recently launched her limited-edition fine art prints on paper. They are a reproduction of the original canvas, and are embellished and handcrafted with layers of paint and patterns, which makes each of them a unique piece.

All prints are signed and numbered by the artist, and come in various sizes.


Limited edition prints on paper

60 SB


Art Irene Hoff collaborates with Soulboosters to assist individuals in reconnecting with their essence and rediscovering their beautiful, original selves. Soulboosters serves as a hub to explore solutions and find inspiration for connecting with one’s soul. The synergy between Irene Hoff Art and Soulboosters demonstrates how the fusion of art and words can generate a powerful energy, inspiring people on their journey of self-discovery. Each boost of energy contributes to the uplifting experience for every soul in the colorful world of Soulboosters.

For more information: www.soulboosters.life

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